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The Mandelbrot Set – Aftemath


Frst post in a long time: I’ve been playing for a bit but I’m gonna try to get back into the swing of postings anyways.

This set is mostly a result of the Toronto propane explosion that occured on Sunday morning near where I live – one of the few positive things to come of that…hence the darkness, the noise and the bits of fear and anger. In any case, I found it relieving myself to express some of how I felt hearing all the explosions and crap in the middle of the night – not knowing what it was, fearing bombs or worse.

Anyways – the stuff is a a fair bit mixed so the tracklist isn’t totally linear! As always, feedback and stuff is appreciated!

The Mandelbrot Set – Aftermath: Aug 10 08 | Click to Play or Right-Click / Save As To Download

Tusia Berdize – Hero
Ellen Allien – ITS
Leila – Mettle
Byetone – Plastic Star (Dr Walker Remix)
Plastikman – Disconnect
Autechre – Sim Gishel
Radio Slave – Grindhouse Tool
Mathew Jonson – Symphony For The Apocalypse
Modeselektor – In Loving Memory
Squarepusher – Vacuum Garden
The Black Dog – Floods V3
Stimming – The Anger
!!! – Pardon My Freedom
Holy Fuck – Tonebank Computer
LCD Soundsystem – Give it Up

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The Mandelbrot Set Returns!

    Hello folks!

Yeah, I know it’s been a long while since I’ve post, and I apologize to any clandestine fans who haven’t commented or anything. Its not really that I haven’t been playing at clckwrk – its more that I just haven’t been satisfied with a piece enough to stick it up on here, is all.

Anyways, no more – since I’m quite happy with this mix here, again – both the tunage and sticking it together. I still have a lot to learn, and could definitely use a better toolset to work with while mixing, but otherwise, I think its good and hope you do too. Its a mix of melodic housey piano stuff and some bleepy electro cuts and all that stuff. Kinda splits in the middle then bends back, funnily enough.

As usual, feedback and stuff is appreciated.

The Mandelbrot Set – April 6 2008 | Click to play or Right Click / Save As to Download


Chloe – Its Sunday
My My – Fast Freeze
Francesco Tristano – The Melody (Balil Remix)
Gui Boratto & Martin Eyerer – The Beach
Asli – Springsequence
Still Going – Still Going Theme
Pryda – Pjanoo
Alexkid & Chloe – Afterblaster (Mazi and Duriez Remix)
John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto – Sofa King (Polar Noise Remix)
Gel Abril – Your Face is a Mess (Deetron Remix)
Nightguy – Pretty Face
Booka Shade – Mandarine Girl

(awesome character pic by Fishyboner, too..)


The Return of Esteban Moody!

[Funky podcast at the end of this post.]
[Come and dance to the FUNK Fridays at -=CLOCKWORK=-from 8-9 following 2 hours of DJ keTchUp!]

I am no longer the Hulk, dear readers. I am someone else.

Last Friday, here’s how it happened:

[18:11] Preston: Hey yo Este
[18:13] Preston: Sable
[18:13] Preston: Hey :-)
[18:13] Sable: Hey Preston
[18:14] Sable: Is Esteban ok…lol
[18:14] Preston: He hasn’t answered me yet
[18:14] Preston: So, no?
[18:14] Preston: Lol
[18:15] Sable: Hmm…that doesn’t sound good
[18:15] Preston: Este you’re morphing back to your old self?
[18:16] Sable: No more Hulk?
[18:16] Preston: The cut has healed
[18:16] Sable: oooo…
[18:17] Preston: Lol
[18:17] Sable: Maybe we should call 911
[18:17] Preston: Call in reinforcements
[18:17] Sable: Medic!
[18:17] Preston: we need assistance
[18:18] Sable: Este can you hear us?
[18:18] Preston: Where’s Ben when we need a bullhorn
[18:18] Sable: lol
[18:18] Sable: wait i have just the thing
[18:19] Megaphone shouts: Esteban!
[18:19] Sable: Hmmmm….
[18:19] Preston: Lol
[18:19] Preston: Maybe he goes into a cocoon-like state?
[18:20] Sable: Oh maybe
[18:20] Sable: We should take pics…the rebirth of Esteban Moody

[18:56] Mygdala: cheers darling
[18:56] Romana: Esteban….wake up!!!!
[18:56] Preston: He’s in a morphing state ma’am
[18:57] Mygdala: ah ok that makes sense
[18:57] Romana: Myg…we are going to have to perform surgery on Esteban
[18:57] Mygdala: are we qualified?
[18:57] Romana: please get me 30 cc’s of jive, stat!
[18:57] Mygdala: I’m definitely not wearing the right outfit
[18:57] Romana: haha!
[18:58] Romana: my father is a doctor, so I’m qualified
[18:58] Mygdala: well thank god
[18:58] Mygdala: either way I’m changing clothes thou
[18:58] Romana: me too…let’s put on our surgery gear
[18:58] Mygdala: I don’t have any
[18:58] Mygdala: damn
[18:58] Romana: haha
[18:58] Mygdala: I was thinking something smexy
[18:59] Romana: haha
[18:59] Mygdala rummages through her closet
[18:59] Mygdala: because it’s the WEEKEND!
[18:59] Mygdala: where the hell is that sable?
[18:59] Mygdala: Rain?
[18:59] Mygdala: wha happen?
[19:00] Romana: ok…i changed clothes…now I’m qualified to operate on Esteban
[19:00] Mygdala: I think I have rubber gloves in here somewhere
[19:00] Romana: by the way…Myg…did I tell you today that I loved you?
[19:00] Mygdala: ok I’ll scrub the floor when I’m done
[19:00] Romana: ok, now time to operate on Esteban
[19:00] Mygdala: I love you too Romana!
[19:00] Benjamin: gloves? lol…you’re not making a sandwich there, cmon
[19:01] Mygdala: I need a mask now
[19:01] Romana: ok, the first thing we need is something to put her to sleep
[19:01] Romana: who is the anesthesiologist here?
[19:01] Mygdala: you are
[19:02] Romana: dammit jim, I’m a doctor not an anesthesiologist!
[19:02] Mygdala: are you too wasted?
[19:02] Alexander: you are one hot nurse/doc/anesthesiologist
[19:02] Mygdala: Who has drugs?
[19:02] Alexander: ok, I’ll hit him in the head with a hammer
[19:02] Mygdala: No wait – Alex, of course
[19:02] Alexander: lol
[19:02] Alexander: you know it
[19:02] Romana: oh shit…am I a nurse or a doctor…I can’t remember
[19:02] Alexander: god, I’d love to be an anesthesiologist
[19:03] Alexander: I’d breath all the gas

[19:57] Esteban: wha’…?
[19:57] Sable shouts: ESTEBAN!!!
[19:57] Preston: He’s back
[19:57] Elusyve: all the shouting woke Esteban up
[19:57] Esteban: …..huh?
[19:57] Alexander: Esteban stirs!
[19:57] cranach shouts: Welcome back to the rl Esteban!
[19:57] Esteban: …..where am i?
[19:57] Sable: dude we called 911 like an hour ago for you
[19:57] Alexander: Este? you’ve been in some kinda coma
[19:57] Esteban: wha’ happened?
[19:58] Preston: Hulk go
[19:58] Esteban: and why am i wearing these ridiculous purple shorts?
[19:58] Alexander: um, you were the Hulk?
[19:58] Sable: Hulk like purple
[19:58] cranach: ^^ i love your purple pants*
[19:58] Mygdala: Hi all
[19:58] Esteban: the Hulk? oh get real
[19:58] cranach: Hello Mygdala~~welcome to clock work~~
[19:58] Preston: Lol
[19:58] Romana: hello mYG!
[19:59] Alexander: um, look at your Flickr stream
[19:59] Mygdala: why thank you Cranach!
[19:59] Preston: Yo Este we haven’t met then, lol
[19:59] Esteban: i have the worst headache…
[19:59] Alexander: Este, Preston, Preston, Esteban
[20:00] Alexander: your hawk is purple too
[20:00] Esteban: Preston? That sounds familiar somehow
[20:00] Mygdala: Shhhh Esteban is coming out of a fugue state
[20:00] Esteban: purple? WTF
[20:00] Alexander: yeah, you were here as Hulk, blah blah blah
[20:00] Preston: We’re neighbors, buddy
[20:00] Alexander: yeah, your tie too
[20:00] Esteban: what’s all this about the gulk
[20:01] Esteban: the hulk
[20:01] Romana: a psyochogenic fugue state
[20:01] Esteban: Jesus, what am I wearing?
[20:01] Alexander: are you ready to git down?
[20:01] Romana: Esteban…are you ok???
[20:01] Preston: Lol
[20:01] Alexander: get on the motherfucking decks Este!

I sure am glad that’s over. . . ?

funk for the masses | 8 February 2008: play or right-click here to download.

Set list:

Maynard Ferguson: Gonna Fly Now
Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive
Kool And The Gang feat Jamiroquoi: Hollywood Swingin’
Quazar: Funk ‘n’ Roll
Fatboy Slim: Santa Cruz
Titan: Corazon
The Dismasters: Small Time Hustler
Jay-Z feat. The Dap Kings: Prince of Ballard
Societys Bag: Let It Crawl
Carleen & The Groovers: The Thing
Freddy Robinson & Tall Paul Hankins: The Hawk
Booker T. & The M.G.’s: Lady Madonna
John KaSandra: (What’s Under) The Natural Do
Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band: The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
Natacha Atlas: (It’s A Mans’s Man’s) Man’s World
Dinah Washington: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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The Mandelbrot Set – Found Waves

mbrot3.jpgGreetings all! This next podcast is from my set from last Sunday..I know I’m a bit slow with the posting of it, but yeah..stuff happens!

Anyways, this ones somewhat of a smattering between (mostly beach/water themed) guitar-featuring tracks, changing into a bleepy midsection and finishing off with a couple new electro tracks. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I did making it, and thanks for reading/listening!

The Mandelbrot Set – Feb 03 / 08 | Click to Listen or Right Click/Save Link as to Download


Markus Guentner – Oceans Day
Plasmik – Supertubos
Bruno Pronsanto – Why Cant We Be Like Us
Fairmont – Bikini Atoll
Gui Boratto – Tipologia (Lucy Remix)
Alex Under – Anthemo
Ripperton – Tainted Words (Plasmik Remix)
Nico Purman – Tuesday
Plasmik – Pitch it (Claude Von Stroke Remix)
Guy Gerber & Chaim – Saltamonte
Miss Kitten & The Hacker – Midlife Crisis
Xenia Beliayeva – Music

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The Mandelbrot Set – Frosted Beats

mandelbrot3.jpgSo, it looks like I’m back with another mix to post – though this one isn’t so recent like the other ones. This time I’m pulling one back from mid december, but the tracklist is really nice so I wanted to share it and all. Mixings not amazing, a bit off in places – but fortunately theres no real train wrecks in sight. As for content, it starts out all female vocally and morphys into a techy minimal soundfest with lots of nice precussion and synth textures ( or I think so anyways). Again, length is about 1:15 or so. Speaking of length too, how is the size? Is this a good chunk for you guys or should I take more/less of my set? Input would be great on this!

Anyways, thanks for all the positive responses so far! I really appreciate them and I hope you enjoy this set too!

The Mandelbrot Set – Dec 12 / 07 | Click to listen or Right Click/Save Link As to Download


Chromatics – Running Up That Hill
The Knife – Marble House
Trentemøller – Moan (Vocal Version Feat Ane Trolle)
Ellen Allien & Apparat – Sleepless
Dominik Eulberg – Die Alpenstrandlaufer Von Spiekeroog
Gui Boratto – Matryoshka
Len Faki – Odyssee I
Stewart Walker – We Welcome Utopia!!! (Jeff Samuel Remix)
October – Three Drops
Will Saul & Lee Jones – Hug The Scary (Partial Arts Remake)


Clockwork: (n)eXt podcast, electronica tonight, and new events!

Clockwork is for lovers

(The podcast is at the end, so scroll down if you’re in a hurry for some aural relief.)

Okay, so I told you ’bout the walrus and me man? You know we moved our Monday set to Friday nights (6-8 pm SL)? Well, here’s another clue you can mull, the walrus was Hulk. And Esteban/Hulk will be dj’ing Mondays at Clockwork playing a wider range of favorites and plenty o’ rock. Don’t worry, the funk will still happen on Friday nights, it just means there won’t be a hole in the schedule on Monday. Not only that, Clockwork has added KONA radio dj GoSpeed Racer to our Monday lineup from 4-6 pm to warm up the crowd before Esteban (and to provide a happy hour for those of you who have the live music open mic Mondays bug, yeah, you know who you are).

So now there is music at Clockwork six days a week (I’m still holding Saturday night open for special events), and lots of slots open before 6-8 for any djs in a European time zone, or later for those of you out west or on the Pacific Rim. (Hint, hint.) If you’re a dj looking for a gig and think you might fit in at Clockwork, point me toward a podcast or drop a notecard on my profile with a playlist from a recent set. Please don’t ask me to come hear you live; as much as I’d like to, my RL schedule prohibits me from many extracurricular activities.

Schedule as of 1.27.08

Sunday, 6-8 pm Tonight!
The Mandelbrot Set with dj Xaxoqual
IDM, ambient dance tracks, hooky breakbeats

Monday, 4-6 pm
Do you remember rock n roll radio?
KONA radio w/ GoSpeed Racer

Monday, 6-8 pm
Motor City is Burning
dj Esteban kicks out the jams

Tuesday, 6-8 pm
TMI Tuesdays with JellyBean and HawksRock
Rock music laced with conversation you won’t believe

Wednesday, 6-8 pm
This Ain’t No Trainwreck
dj Garrett gets it in the groove and works it

Thursday, 6-8 pm
Danceteria w/dj Gorgeous Guen
a club mix to start your weekend on the right day

Friday, 6-8 pm
(n)eXt w/ dj keTchUp
two hours of mostly new music–indie rock and club tracks

Friday, 8-9 pm
[a contest-winning name will be here when we figure out who won]
dj Esteban digs deep into funklore and unearths the mothership connection, shake your rump!

In any case, for those of you who want to recap last Monday’s new music set, here’s the podcast. And yeah, there’s some old stuff in there. Sue me. :p Betcha can’t name more than 10 without looking at the track listing. Please remember to support artists you like by seeing them perform live and purchasing their music from great sources like eMusic, AmpCamp, CD Baby and Bleep. Click the arrow to stream or right click and “save link as” to download:

(n)eXt new music podcast of dj keTchUp’s 21 January 2008 set

Spiritualized – Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush (The Field Late Night Essen Und Trinken remix)
Burial – Raver
Audrey 3000 ft. – Mr. Hopkinson’s Computer Baby I Got Your Money (ODB & Kelis)
Atlas Sound – River Card
Apparat – You Don’t Know Me
Benzos – Coup d’etat
Chris Walla – Sing Again
KT Tunstall – Get Your Freak On (Missy Elliot cover)
Blonde Redhead – Dr. Strangeluv
Statehood – Save Yourself
Thurston Moore – Fri/End
The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make
Why? – The Hollows
Tall Firs – Hairdo
Artiste inconnu – Piste 9
Electric Light Orchestra – Do Ya
The World On Fire – Not To Knowing
Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run
The Hold Steady – You Can Make Him Like You
Cheap Trick – Oh, Candy
The Cars – Just What I Needed
Oasis – Cigarettes & Alcohol
Gang Green – Alcohol
The Chelsea Smiles – Chatterbox
The Wombats – Backfire at the Disco
!!! – Heart Of Hearts (Radio Edit)
Paramore – Misery Business (Miscellaneous Chocolate “Feels So Good” Remix)
Miss Kittin – Barefoot Tonight
Aesop Rock – Citronella
Clipse – Cry Now Freestyle (Malice)
Groove Armada – My Friend

This has been an official Burgess Podcast Advertisement for Clockwork, copyright 2008 Leviathan Enterprises.


The Mandelbrot Set – Ambidance


Well, it seems like about time for me to post another mix! This one is from this Sunday, and its very much an ambient-ish set, but not beatless (hence the title). Well..I don’t have much to say about it really…aside from the fact that I’m quite happy with the turnout and I hope you all will enjoy it!

The Mandelbrot Set – Jan 20/08 – Click to Play or Right Click/Save Link As To Download


Al Usher – Here Today
Closer Musik – One Two Three No Gravity (Ewan Pearson’s 2004 Remix)
christ. – Breathe Between Sleep
Slowdive – Missing You
Autechre – Basscadubmx
The Field – The Deal
Bola – Squib (Nuclear)
Dropshadow Disease – Fototienda (Plaid Remix)
The Knife – Marble House (Booka Shade Remix)
Pantha Du Prince – Saturn Strobe
Lawrence – Pond


The Mandelbrot Set – First Post!

mandel_2.gifWell…hello everybody!

I have a bit of trepidation about posting here and all, as I’m not the most engrossing writer, but I figured the chance to put my sets up is worth a shot!

Anyways, those of you who go to clockwork know I’ve been regularly bringing the electronic stuffs on Sundays, for well…at least a decent amount of time. For those who don’t – I’m an electronic devotee in all its forms: from beard stroking wtf-is-that IDM/braindance to hooktastic dance cuts, I’m there. Not to say I don’t respect other genres, but thats where my passion is.

I’m gonna post my most recent mix, which is well..from Sunday! I’m really happy with how it turned out, and quite eager to share! It’s mostly IDM and minimal and tech, and very percussive if anything – pretty dancey too! Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mixing it.

Anyways, here’s the music – hope you all enjoy and thanks for putting up with my rambling!

The Mandelbrot Set – 1/13/08 – Click To Listen or Right Click/Save Link As to Download

Tracklisting (Length is about 1:18)

Bandulu – Phaze in Remix
The Knife – We Share Our Mothers Health (Radio Slave Remix)
Scorn – Falling (Autechre FR13 Remix)
Ellen Allien – Down (Drama Society Remix)
Mathew Jonson – Decompression
Ricardo Villalobos & Jorge Gonzales – 4 Wheel Drive
Stephan Bozdin – Sonnenwind
Artificial Latvamaki – It Is Not Now Either
Johannes Heil – Brotherhood Of Snakes
Gregor Tresher – Anti
Claude Von Stroke & Christian Martin – Groundhog Day (Chaim Remix)


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