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Portraits of SL Assholes, Part III

Today folks, we have yet another gripping edition of what’s perhaps my favorite M is for Myg feature, Portraits of SL Assholes. To make it doubly special, we have not one, but two bleeding assholes to flame.

First of all, we have this dude. I can’t even remember any part of his name. What did he do to qualify for a spot on Portraits? One guess.


Figure 1, asshole staring at his own genitals in the Fitzgerald hotel lobby. Maybe it wasn’t so terrible for him to be in the lobby without pants. It is a sex hotel, so whatever. But fact is, the dude ported onto the street corner just like this, balls out. So me, Alex and Sable were standing there gabbing about Topgol related shit, when in drops this dumbass with no pants. And I’m sorry but that’s just stupid.

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