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YOU are invited!

Well, the embarrassing thing is that my Rezz Day is actually Monday, not Tuesday. Who knew? I whipped together an invite thinking all along, ah, nvmd. The party is ON for Monday and we are hoping you’ll join us.

2nd Rezz Day Party

Super special top secret shenanigans are anticipated for this event. Two clues: it involves a shotgun and a memory about something that happened last Christmas Eve at Clockwork.

Music by Esteban Moody, Romana Wei, DJ keTchUp and maybe more.

Party starts at 5pm SLT and goes until whenever. We’re convening at our loft in Topgol (bring your lag-proof suits, please.)

Hope you can make it!

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Why can’t you meet a guy?

La REve

Alex has done SL the favor of a long-ass but well argued and thought out post on why (biological) women in SL have trouble meeting (biological) men in SL. Includes stats!

Here it is – “Where the boys are” by Alexander Burgess

He is far more scientific about the matter than I am, so you’ll probably be much better off reading what Alex has to say than listening to me mouth off. Consider yourselves saved! (Of course, I did get a word or two in the comments.)

Highly recommended reading.

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My brain is different.  My body is different.  The light is brighter.  The night is darker.  Color is a distant fire from an indifferent circus. The future is a gaping nowhere and the past is a rat gnawing its way through a blanket of resolution woven from words and tears and many years.

I find I am still here. Even when I feel like I’m not.

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The Great Romances of Second Life

There’s a lot to this Second Life. It can be a damned rich and rewarding experience, if one were to put one’s mind to it. Or in some cases, one’s heart in it.

Second Loves come in a wide variety of colors and flavors. There’s the RL to SL romance, like the one Alex and I have. Basically, we’re a RL couple who came into SL together and have our own SLives, but also the life we have as a couple in-world. And I’m telling you, we do have a great romance both on and off screen. Don’t hate. Appreciate.

Then there’s the SL crossover to RL couple. This is the SL fairytale couple, I think. It’s very real – in fact, I know of more couples like that than I do like us. But I say fairytale because it just seems kind of magic to me. If I was single I’d say screw online dating services. I’d hang out in Second Life and do the things I thought were cool and I’m thinking I’d have more luck meeting somebody that way. Why? Well, Second Life gives you stuff to do together that you’ve already got in common, and at the same time, enough anonymity and physical safety to let you explore a lot of things without exposing yourself to a stranger in person. For some reason I think that’s an easier way to get to know people for the purposes of potentially hooking up. And I’m a woman, so that whole meeting strangers in cafes thing weirds me out just a little. In Second Life you can actually get to know a person for awhile before meeting them in person, if you ever decide to take things that far.

I’ll write more about this because I think it’s awesome, honestly. But I want to talk to a few people I know first who’ve been through it (I’m sure you know who you are…)

But there’s another kind of SLove that intrigues me too. That’s the SL Only romance. Now, whether the parties decide to keep it that way due to pre-existing RL commitments, or distance, or wanting/needing to keep their SL and RL separate, I don’t know. Circumstances must vary, I’m sure, more so than I mention here. But in any case, the SL Only romance has the ambiance of the most intense literary love affairs – the kind we all can relate to and fantasize about as young girls or boys. Not so tragic as Romeo and Juliet, but more unrequited in some ways than Emma Woodhouse and her darling Mr. Knightley. In any case, I imagine that there is a special place in the heart and mind of the SL Only Lover – a place that keeps your beloved young and perfect forever. It makes me swoon a little to consider it, honestly. But then I’m a sucker for a good love story.

And because I am, I give you Exhibit A – Sue Stonebender and Baron Grayson. I do not know the particulars of their romance well enough to document them justly here, nor do I have any permission to do so. But I do know, when I peruse their online presences, I feel like I am the most rewarded of voyeurs.

That is a photo that Sue Stonebender took called Wonderland. (And hell, I sure hope I don’t piss her off by posting it here because I think Sue is one of the greatest of the SL greats.) To follow this story, I present to you this link: Baron Grayson and Sue Stonebender on FlickR. It’s a delicious exchange between those two creatives. And gives you an idea, I think, with St. Valentine’s day coming, of how you can use your online media to deepen the romance of any relationship.

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Love, lovers

love, lovers

Last night was the first of the newly minted TMI Tuesdays at Clockwork with Jelly and Hawks. The music was, as always, bangin’ and that’s not the only thing.

Luckily it was a rather intimate evening, because the shit that went down was truly not for public consumption. Let’s just say Alex and I got a lively education regarding the latest poseballs for lovers.

Jellybean and Hawks said that they noticed Alex and I acting a lot more, er, lovey dovey and stuff, I guess since he popped the question and all. Alex took the above pic unprompted by me, so maybe there’s something to that.

There has been some real RL stuff going down between us. Not bad stuff, but not easy stuff. So I think maybe we are a little more on each others’ minds. And I’m glad. He makes me feel all sorts of tingly, like a girl with a crush again.

Now for poseball shopping…