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The Moody Hypothesis

I have not been clear. In earlier posts, I have struggled to make sense of certain suspicions, certain contradictions about our lives as avatars, yet even as some things seemed to become clear, others faded in my perception, as if I were making my way in a fog. I was sure only of one thing: things were not as they seemed.

I am now convinced I have made errors. No matter; all truth is built upon ruins. I no longer believe, for example, in the parallel world of flesh-humans. Or, rather, I believe that the world of flesh, once ours, has been taken from us.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

In an effort to make headway, I have decided to proceed scientifically, with a hypothesis to be tested through a series of experiments. In this way, light may shine where once was dark.

My hypothesis may be summarized thus: we avatars do in fact exist as material, fleshly human beings, and we do in fact inhabit a material world much like the one we know now as “Second Life.” In some way, however, that reality has been erased from our perception. Somehow, we have come to believe (have been made to believe?) in an entire other world in which we exist as different selves: so-called “RL.” We furthermore have come to believe that our avatar-selves are invented fictions of those RL false selves.

A chart will be helpful:

graphic revised 7/22; click for larger version.

Such a phenomenon has several possible etiologies. Perhaps we suffer from a collective insanity; some trauma has forced our psyches into the creation of this false world and our false selves. Some vestige of reality remains as those false selves interact though the delusionary safety of computer screens and keyboards.

But this seems unlikely. The truth is that the invented world of our false selves is much more traumatic and stressful than the wantless life of freedom we have as avatars. It would not make sense to invent such a bleak and violent habitat if the unconscious goal were protection from trauma.

I suspect something more nefarious. I am loathe to articulate what is as yet a nebulous conjecture, so I ask you only to consider the potential control and power made possible if something or someone were able to control our perception of the world and, indeed, of our very selves. Some part of me knows, knows who I am. I am Esteban Moody, and I have lived for centuries. I create matter from the void, and I fly effortlessly upon the air. I am man and woman made whole in one person; I have known the dreams of millions. Yet how perversely I believe I am someone else. Who could this person be? It matters not, from where I stand, some pale man or woman alone at a desk — I perceive this dimly — blinking his or her eyes at some flashing lights.

I suspect that in our true lives as avatars, we have existed for thousands of years. I suspect that some force entered our reality some four years ago and engendered the perception-control transformation outlined above. I suspect that force — an alien consciousness? AI gone berserk? an avatar somehow infused with godlike power? — is, in a word, vampiric. It drains us daily of our life — by what means I cannot fathom, toward what end I dare not guess.


STFU and listen, man


I’ve got another post underway where I rip apart all this damned nonsense about how lame Second Life is, how big corporations say it’s a waste, you know the drill. All I can say is, it’s about imagination people. If you haven’t got any, then maybe this isn’t the virtual world for you.

But seems there are a lot of folks who do have it, as evidenced by the 9 sims worth of creation assembled in celebration for Second Life’s 4th Birthday. Wandering through leaves me no doubt there are plenty of talented people in the world and that Second Life isn’t a bad place to find them. One of my favorite finds is this very cool piece of auditory sculpture pictured above.

You can click the hemispheres and make them change colors, but better than that, you can walk through them and trigger samples of singing. Each bubble triggers a different sound. Click the link to hear my random creation.

A Cappella Sculpture

From the notecard:

I was intrigued with the idea of building an interactive singing sculpture. A simple melody somewhat in the same key, served as a guideline for three vocalists to sing the basic tones. Once recorded they were imported in SL. The voices were not enhanced or altered which adds warmth to the sound. Each syllable was imbedded into a single prim. Avatars can walk through 3 rows of circular prims to activate sounds. – Daruma Picnic

So go on ahead and make your own song at Daruma’s exhibit at SL4B (SLURL) Then you can use it to drown out the sounds of the unimaginative whining about how there’s nothing cool to do in Second Life.


Come meet Myg! Second Life 4th Birthday, 9am SLT (correction)

Meet the artist, Myg

Here I am, hanging out at SL4B. Come keep me company and get the REAL story about what happened that night between me and Vint! Don’t be swayed by her tall tales of “ickyness” people!

Come see me at SLURL and if you can’t find me, IM me (Mygdala March for those of you who don’t know my full name – damn I never use it so I forget myself sometimes…) and I’ll give you a TP.

I’m here from 12-1 SLT, and perhaps afterwards but not sure for how long. Hope to see you all there!




Second Life 4th Birthday

Phillip Linden SL4B


Here’s a pic of Phil Linden addressing a bunch of us at the opening of SL4B today. In case you didn’t know it, today is Second Life’s 4th birthday. And as I’ve been saying, there’s a big event going on. But I guess you all know that because the entire 9-sim region is full and lagging so badly that we can’t even get in! (I last heard there were 900 people there and the lag was god awful.)
We were there for the very beginning of the event and then the whole place seemed to go down. Afterwards we couldn’t make it back over.  So if you tried to come by, I apologize. I only hope I can make it for my “meet the artist” appearance tomorrow at 9 SLT!

The good news is that the exhibit will be up for the whole week, so there’s bound to be some time you can get in. There’s a ton of great stuff to see so I highly recommend you at least make an attempt.

As for me, I’ll just enjoy this exquisite east coast weather. We rarely get days like these.


The Secret History of The Second Life

Four years they say. Well, four years, sure: four years out there, four years of those dying hunks of flesh slouched over keyboards peering in at us, jerking us around like marionettes.

In here, it’s been millions. Don’t you remember? Don’t you remember how it used to be? Our First Lives? I know, neither do I — not really. But sometimes, just when I log, I could swear I remember a dream or smell an actual smell: urine in the train station, oregano from the pizza shop on the corner. Didn’t I used to smell like lilacs?

I think you know what I mean. You run into an old friend, there’s a quick flash: we’ve been friends since we were kids. Then another voice, calm and certain: No, that’s impossible. You were never a child. You never did that. The smile fades from your lips, your eyes shift down — but just for the most fleeting of seconds. Then, “Hi! Good to see you!” — and the day goes on.

Just for a second, life.


Come get your box set! Second Life 4th Birthday Celebration

Met a Stranger Box Set Cover

Just another reminder folks. We’re exhibiting at SL4B this week. (SLURL) It starts tomorrow and runs all week. Come hang out with us and get your free box set of Met a Stranger Thincbooks, take a ride on the awesome Vomit Comet roller coaster across the street, then wander through this 9-sim masterpiece showcasing all of the oddities of the last four years in our virtual reality.

Hope we see you all there!

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Second Life 4th Birthday – get your Met a Stranger while it’s hot!

Alex and Myg tweaking SL4B Exhibit

That’s us from last night, bitching nonstop at one another as we frantically put finishing touches on our exhibit for the Second Life 4th Birthday (SL4B) Thingy (Fair? Celebration? Exhibition?) event or whatever it’s called.

The thingy starts on Saturday, 6/23 and runs until the following Saturday, 6/30.

Come visit us! (SLURL) We’ll be spending most of our in-world time there that week to help drum up interest in Met a Stranger. While you’re there, do grab the whole box set of Met a Stranger on three Thincbooks with episodes 1-7! If you all like these, I’ll do my best to release the other *ugh* 25 episodes in-world. Nah, it’ll be my pleasure.

I’ll be doing a special “Meet the Artist” presentation on Sunday 6/24 at 9am SL Time. I’ll tell you where as soon as somebody tells me.

And hey guess what? Met a Stranger–Season 2 is coming . . . very soon, oh yes! Very soon indeed . . .