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Have a good semester, DJ kEtchUp

Alex started his semester today. It’s his final semester of classes. WooT!

I’ve been sick so I’ve got nothing for posts. Sorry gang. I must have got it from Gorgeous Guen!

I have been playing around with this Flock web browser. It lets me do some cool blogging tricks like blog from the browser (as opposed to the WordPress dashboard) and drop/drag images or text in from anywhere. Flock calls itself a social web browser. What the hell does that mean? Whatever, I am not terribly web 2.0 social these days but I do like the flickr feature that displays new media from my contacts in a media bar over the browser window. It’s a little cluttered but fun.

Anyways, we had fun at ye olde Clockwork last night. dj kEtcHup spun a mix of old and new rock gems, and then EsteHulk turned the funk up to 11 in honor of MLK day.

It was all fun and games until somebody broke out the suitcase nuke. Then it was fun, games, slagging on the Monte Cristo and gagging on virtual toxic flames.

Does Monday get any better than this?

Stay tuned for another Mandelbrot Set podcast, stat.

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It’s been a long time since we’ve had any real action around Topgol. When we last left our heroes, it looked as though Topgol was in the safe, capable hands of a few loosely connected but largely agreeable folks. But then the major landholder flaked and sold out to a *cough* asshole I mean land developer. And hence, a ton of crap has been put up in its place.

Romana, Sable, Alex and I hang onto the Northeast corner, our last bastion of urban blight in the sim. But it was inevitable that sooner or later the outside world would encroach on our haven.

Meet my new neighbor.

Our new neighbors

Now I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. In fact he and his partner were quite nice. They are clearly new, and obviously the most industrious of newbs. And they are plenty Dutch. And not English speaking. And oh, so sexeh!

They opened a new sex club, El Muchacho (which means “the boy” in Spanish so um, um…?) complete with rentable sex rooms and dancing poles. They gave us a tour and everything. But the best part was they gave me a free shirt (and yes, it is fully rezzed):

Our new neighbors

I asked, “Why are the Dutch so sexy?”

That’s because the last owner of a sex hotel in Topgol was Dutch too. And I am quite sure if they could have spoken any English, there would have been a fine answer.

Alas, they could not.


anti-Monday all stars on ice

Well it wasn’t the same without Esteban, to be sure. Get well soon Esteban! We missed you! But we did rock on, as Monday dictates. Below, some pho-toes of last night’ s winter frolic.

Sable, creator of Topgol Park and Burgess dance on ice.
Sable and Burgess

Romana with her Myggles and chimera had us looking all pro in the park.

Romana sports her Myggles!

Cranach shakes her booty and sips on some cocoa!


Dinee proves that kitties do like the water – especially when frozen!

Dinee on ice!

Sexy sisters Sable and Rain on blades.

Those fabulous sisters

Even Ben makes it for a late night spin!

Ben on ice!

I was the dj, sound tracking your ice capade, brothers and sisters. And I sure did have fun.

yeah baby

Thanks for those of you who came out last night to the park. I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures of everybody!

If you missed us, you can still go visit Topgol Park and enjoy the ice!  Go here:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Topgol/129/174/55

You can pay Santa a visit while there too! Please ask him for glasses for me…

Santa I want glasses for Xmas

Come to Topgol for the holidays!


Winter in Topgol

Ice-skating in Topgol Park.


From time to time I remember. Back when we were human, we lived on Earth. That’s really what we called it. Why not just call it “Dirt”? All our energy came from a star. Most of us lived in Asia. After my mother died, my father took me to live in Kuala Lumpur, where for a while he fell in love with a translator. She was a Buddhist, her parents Chinese. In an effort to bond with me, she took me to the Tambun Caves, but I was a child, too young to appreciate some scratching on a wall. Could you go back in time? How would you fight the dinosaurs? I wanted to go back to Dublin for Christmas and eat chocolates. Are these memories mine? We’re not as distinct as we used to be, are we? Maybe it was me scratching on that wall? My hands were hairy. I made a tapir. Was I the translator? My Teochew is rusty, but at least I could ask Grandmother how her day was. I fell in love with an Irishman, but he saw his dead wife’s eyes in the glance of his odd son. A Spanish name. He looked like a little girl and was sadly wise beyond his years. If I make a tapir, the tapir-spirit takes me and I can hide among the rocks.

Funk for the Masses tonight and every Monday night from 8-9 SLT at Clockwork!

Last week’s set was choice:

funk for the masses | 5 November 2007: Right click here to download the podcast.

Set list:

Black Heat: Chip’s Funk
M. Ali & J. Tucker: Champs Jerk
Tribe Called Quest: Award Tour
De La Soul: Me Myself And I
Digital Underground: No Nose Job
Prince: Gett Off
The Ramrods: Soultrain
Bull & The Matadors: The Funky Judge
Hunt’s Determination: Rollerskate
Ming + FS: Hijack the Disco
Tosca: Worksong
The Groove Merchants: There´s Got To Be Someone For Me
Hank Ballard: How You Gonna Get Respect (When You Haven’t Cut Your Process Yet)
A.D.C. Band: Long Stroke
The Poets of Rhythm: Survival of the Freshest
Eddy Senay: Ain’t No Sunshine (instrumental)
Nina Simone: I Want A Little In My Bowl


Bunch o’ nothin in Topgol

 *I* wanted to think he was looking at my rack, honestly, but no.


He was fixing the rental box on Asifa’s old loft.

That’s how it is when you’ve been together awhile, I guess.

We’re away for the weekend, so see you all for anti-Monday!


Second Life Bloggers Meet – TODAY 9/23 at 1pm SLT

Well the headline says it all…but:

Today at 1pm (SL Time) we’re having our SL bloggers meet in Topgol!

Featuring live electronic music set by the one and only October Hush!

Music by DJ kEtcHup! (aka Alexander Burgess)

and…car chases with guns!

So come well dressed and armed!

It all happens at Clockwork: Topgol (225, 143, 54)


What photoshop can do in the right hands…

sunset on topgol

My friend, a RL graphic artist, took one of my old photos and gussied it up a bit.  To really appreciate it, click it and get the full size from FlickR.

Ah, to have photoshop skillz!

Nope, he’s not in SL. But we’re working on it!

(This was taken from on top of my loft in Topgol.)


A Night on the Town.

Axiom took us for a spin in her boss ride. See all the fun on my new Flickr page.


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