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Second Life voice-enabled regions as of June 20, 2007


After the jump you’ll find the latest list of voice-enabled Mainland and Island sims as of June 20. I got the notecard inworld from Wrath Paine, courtesy of Vint Falken.

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Priceless memories: Second Life voice enabled sims

Myg on Voice

People, this is a true god damned story. Straight outta voice-enabled Arcata.

Some dude (imagine the voice of a tired or perhaps dumb sounding American with a southern accent): I ain’t feelin’ so good – I had taco bell earlier an’ I ain’t feelin’ so good

Some woman (imagine some hard up single broad from middle America, probably in her mid-late thirties): uh oh

Some dude: Yeah, they used to be so good, they ain’t so good no more. They used to have all the good stuff but they don’t have it no more.

Some woman: Such as?

Some dude: Well, green onions. Those cheesey fiesta potatahs, they used to top ’em with green onions, but they don’t have ’em no more. So I think I’m gonna stick with subway from now on, an’ here you can get two 12 inchers for $5.99 . . .

Some woman: Oh? You can get three here for that.

Some dude: I’d probably get three of ’em too, put two in the fridge, eat one for dinner, one for breakfast.

Irritating suspicious sound: thump thump thump thump thump

Some woman (somewhat hesitant): Um, what are you doing?

Some dude: Beatin’ my mic on my chest. (pause) You can hear that, huh?


I’m not even good enough to make that shit up. No? Don’t believe me? Get your damned headset on then and brave the frontier of voice-enabled welcome areas. I’m sure you’ll find priceless moments such as these all over.

Below the fold is the list of sims with voice. (Note that Topgol is not yet among them.) Thanks to Wrath for the list.

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