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Second Life Weapons Test: Freebies

Hello and welcome to another edition of Weapons Test, the weekly review of choice instruments from the Second Life cornucopia of ordnance. It’s nice to be back after being pre-empted several times for the season finale of Met a Stranger.

Before we start, here’s Wrath after he attempted to wear some kind of freebie weapon and it ate his head. Apparently, the glowing blue robin’s egg of death needs to be rezzed on the ground, not attached to your body. I actually think the look is good, and may adopt it for the next blogger gathering, depending on the theme.

Egghead Wrath

But enough of that. This week: freebies! We’re looking at free weaponry because, hey, not everyone can afford to shell out L$1,000 every time some new orbiter hits the scene, or risk becoming a social pariah because they spent their hair allowance on a stunningly detailed PPK rather than the requisite latest flexi-sculptie mane from Naughty. Besides, it’s important to know your cheap arsenal for those times when you really need to drop an anvil on your lover’s head, or push that stalker two sims away because he won’t leave you alone after you politely thank him when he comments on how good your ass looks in those jeans.

And we’ll be back right after the commercial. Please click “more” for continued nonsense.

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Weapons test: The Fixer

Welcome to the M is for Myg/Wrath Paine vs. Second Life weapons test, a new joint-feature of both blogs. (Here’s the permalink to Wrath’s review.) Whether you’re itching for the perfect roleplay Glock, the finest in damage capable katana, or something really nasty to kick griefer ass, we hope to give the discerning avatar the benefit of a little research before setting off to purchase that new gun, blade, or HUD.

For each test, one blog will take the offensive perspective, the other the defensive. This week, Wrath lost the vicious rock, paper, scissors match (can we get that for SL? Please, some savvy scripter…) and had to play catcher. Actually, he lost because he volunteered me for Vint’s mantourage without asking. Not that I’m actually complaining, mind you.


Here we are at the bonfire party in Wrath’s backyard. This pic is taken just after the completion of the weapons test (note shirtless triumphant male behavior) and just before we had wild two-on-one sex with an extremely hawt elf who couldn’t keep her clothes on. Good thing she was there to cover any homoeroticism. Read on for the actual useful information about one of the ultimate orbit weapons, The Fixer. Sorry folks, no more sex in this post, just violence. Read more