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New to me – Heart Garden Center

Myg in snow

See, I’d bought this very very cute (sorry, Kyoot) hat/hair combo and was wearing my Artilleri coat from last winter, totally edited to fit my big ass belly, and really wanted a spot to do winter pics.

Wandering around, I stumbled to the Heart Garden Center. That link takes you directly to the winter area, where they have adorable lit up trees and things, including Christmas trees, all at totally reasonable prices. If you’re looking to do any outdoor winter scenes, they’ve got snow mounds and stuff like that too. I always went straight to Botanic for any tree/outdoorsy related items, and I still love that place, but this place is definitely worth a romp.

playing in the snow

And romp I did. I was thinking this would be a perfect spot to create a holiday greeting of sorts. If you’d like my pinkified take on this scene, just go there and use a midday setting with a sailor’s delight sky in windlight settings.

That is all.

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My ongoing love hate relationship with Windlight

UPDATE: Well, hey, you CAN use the new Windlight with Tiger! And that’s a great thing because it is much better than the previous release. Thanks Ordinal Malaprop for pointing that out.

I love Windlight again. A much, much better release.


I love Windlight. I hate Windlight.

First, data. I run Second Life on a Macbook Pro that I purchased in January 2007. It’s a 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM. It’s got an ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card. I do not have a problem telling you, I am not sure what all of that means. But I will tell you, it runs great and it runs Second Life quite well, even using a wireless network (which Alex and I both do at home).

The Mac OS I use is Tiger, 10.4.11.

The latest version of Windlight had a lot of little things that were problems for me. The friends’ list was messed up – black names on dark gray background, and I couldn’t highlight any names of friends or groups. That was the biggest complaint. I don’t love some of the little interface changes they made much. But all in all, I was using it because I LOVE WINDLIGHT.

Now there’s a new Windlight viewer, but it requires me to upgrade my OS to Leopard. I’d love to hear from other Mac users here, because the gab I’d heard about Leopard was DON’T DO IT!!!!! It was the only time I’d heard such backlash from the Mac community against an OS upgrade from Mac. I’d also heard that Leopard 10.5.2 breaks Second Life. This article was from back in December, and since then there’s both a new Leopard and a new Windlight. But I imagine some of you can feel my dilemma here. I just don’t trust it.

Now just two days ago Apple released the latest version of Leopard, which might fix things. No problem – I’ll wait and see what the early adopters say and stick with what I have. So today I go to log in:

What was Wrath saying about mandatory options? Can someone please tell me what the hell is up with telling us it’s optional when it’s mandatory? Is it mandatory for some people?

Now I got no Windlight. Here I was, braving the bugs and glitches like a good First Looker, and now I’ve been locked out of the First Look club because I don’t want to risk an OS Upgrade that has had less than stellar reception.

If anyone out there is using Leopard on a machine similar to mine, please weigh in here. Should I go for it?