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Met a Stranger

Welcome to Met a Stranger. This is the index page. From here you’ll be able to jump around the story a little more easily.

We are currently in the middle of Season Two of the series.  That said, if you’ve never read Met a Stranger before, you may want to start below with Season One. When you’re done, you can go to the beginning of Season Two right here. From there just use the internal navigation to read the story.

And hey, thanks and stuff for reading us! For a little blurb about this project please scroll all the way down this page.



Walked right up to me

1.1 Met a Stranger on a Train in which Myg gets an eerie invite by Andromega to ride a dirty subway.

Bodega call

1.2 Bodegaddiction wherein Myg confronts a mysterious part of her true nature and professes her love of condiments.

small crimes

1.3 Small Crimes Burgess happens upon a bizarre scene in Slum City.

how did it come to this?

1.4 This is not my beautiful house during which Myg asks herself, “Well, how did I get here?”

get away

1.5 Bumped right into me where Myg runs into two surprising wanderers.

With teeth

1.6 Kiss me in the shadow where a potential friendly romp with a couple of old friends turns a deadly venture.


1.7 It’s just a dream or at least that’s what Myg was hoping for in this episode.


1.8 From the bottom of my heart in which Burgess worries about Myg’s disinterest in pizza.

Love letter

1.9 The hunt begun in which Vanny the Vampire tries to gross everyone in Topgol out with eyeball shish kebab.


1.10 Holy water batgirl! Myg’s paranoia gets to her and she gets hot for the doc.

Best I could find

1.11 The best protection is, apparently, an arsenal of toilet plungers, some snake oil, and a frightened expression.

Another part time job

1.12 He was looking all over me and I kinda liked it. Burgess spots Myg pulling another heist.

Uh oh

1.13 Strange day, in which Myg skydives in a blackout but still looks hawt doin’ it. Also, some French gangsters.

Allotta Absynthe

1.14 Intervention intention Denial ain’t a river in Egypt, baby. The Surgeon General warns: French gangsters will land you in rehab.

Absynthe, anyone?

1.15 Bad bar scene if it’s not the drunk in the corner, it’s the dude playing solo rock, paper, scissors…


1.16 Another day, another death threat Vanny returns with some incriminating Polaroids.

Not mygself

1.17 Not mygself in which fog is a fat woman and Myg takes a great picture of her shoes.

The test

1.18 Strange brew, girl what’s inside of you?

myg upset

1.19 Spilling it Myg throws up in therapy.

The Test

1.20 The test of a doctor’s patience


1.21 Lab report Dr. Altamura dreams he has an exam for a course he forgot to attend, and then can’t remember where his locker is.

Interpol specialist Paine

1.22 Private paine in which this Interpol agent with a Bazooka Joe fetish shows up and starts snooping around Topgol.

Pauly in Topgol

1.23 From the private journal of Dr. Moody we learn about the latest Italian Stallion to give Stallone a run for his money.


1.24 I’m sorry, old friend but I’m a crazed lesbian vampire. Do you want a cup of coffee?

True colors

1.25 At long last Millenia is convinced, Myg is Lindsay Lohan.

Millenia's Secret

1.26 Millenia’s secret is revealed, she stole Agent Paine’s boxers.

Wake up

1.27 Welcome to hell, Mygdala,in which Myg begins to suspect her therapist has some unresolved issues herself.

Shadow boxer

1.28 Breakthrough Vanny confuses chemical weapons with fireworks and Millenia confuses a flamethrower with a fire extinguisher. Lots of action.

Lisa strikes Millenia

1.29 Worst. Therapist. Ever. Millenia passes gas in front of her client. On purpose, no less.

I don't wanna die

1.30 Out of time, you’re out of touch

1.31 Fools rush in, in which Burgess and Agent Paine smell something burning and wonder what’s for supper.

A player and a gentleman

1.32 Swear I didn’t mean it, but I ate the last of the chocolate fudge brownie frozen yogurt.

About this story.

Met a Stranger is a graphic blog series by Mygdala March and Alexander Burgess. All the characters are Second Life avatars. Mygdala, Alexander, Lisa Takao, Vanny Richez, Sable Slade and Wrath Paine are all portrayed by separate individuals who donate their ideas, time, writing talents, use of their image and their wardrobes to making the story what it is. You can consider it a cross between collaborative fiction, role play and gaming that spans two continents and three languages. So far. As long as the story continues there is always potential to incorporate additional characters, settings and story lines. So drop us a comment, stop by in-world and you never know–you could find yourselves in our world.


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