M is for Myg

Live your god damned dream

New to me – Heart Garden Center

Myg in snow

See, I’d bought this very very cute (sorry, Kyoot) hat/hair combo and was wearing my Artilleri coat from last winter, totally edited to fit my big ass belly, and really wanted a spot to do winter pics.

Wandering around, I stumbled to the Heart Garden Center. That link takes you directly to the winter area, where they have adorable lit up trees and things, including Christmas trees, all at totally reasonable prices. If you’re looking to do any outdoor winter scenes, they’ve got snow mounds and stuff like that too. I always went straight to Botanic for any tree/outdoorsy related items, and I still love that place, but this place is definitely worth a romp.

playing in the snow

And romp I did. I was thinking this would be a perfect spot to create a holiday greeting of sorts. If you’d like my pinkified take on this scene, just go there and use a midday setting with a sailor’s delight sky in windlight settings.

That is all.

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I haven’t been real mobile lately, but I’d gotten up off the couch long enough for a stretch in some terrific moonlight, when something caught my eye.


Not that I hadn’t sort of suspected something was funny about that bright sky.


I felt the kicking inside and then I just knew.


New dawn

Sunrise over Topgol

They were shocked I’d come back so quickly, my old fiends, and to be honest, so was I. But there I was, trying to get around Topgol to see what was still what. I managed to check out a few of my old favorite landmarks, and sure enough they still worked. That was a relief. Though I’d forgotten the command to tp home, and indeed had forgotten where home was.

The city has changed, and it hasn’t. The towering spots still jet from the Clockwork roof, backed by an eclectic digital city. The water tower still stands idly in the center of our land, waiting for someone to hatch some kind of wayward scheme within. And old friends still lurk in electric ghettos, welcoming new souls into our world. And welcoming old souls back.


Back in the game

SSgt Myg

We’d just returned from our vacation and my head was splitting, but he bugged me and bugged me and bugged me and so I did it. I logged on. He was Alex, and he’d gotten the urge real bad. So in he went, and then a little while later, in I went too.

I was fumbling at the keyboard. Couldn’t type as fast as I once could. Couldn’t exactly remember my dance moves, nor how to find my favorite outfits in inventory. For once I didn’t bother to change clothes. I could barely maintain the assorted IMs and local chat that commanded more of my attention than I give to paying clients on my best days.

But then I like a challenge.

I can see a lot has changed since I was last on. I don’t think I’ve spent any kind of actual time in since the early or mid-spring. And I know I’m not the only one who’s been in digital crisis. All kinds of things have been up in the air. The Mean Girls  are finally packing it in. (And by the way, it seems I’ve been fired from the Mean Girls, though I only noticed it today when I went there and saw my name and link gone. But it’s just as well since, as I just mentioned, I only noticed I was ousted today, meaning I haven’t even been visiting the blog or anybody elses save this one once in awhile…) You can view the web in SL now, they tell me. Sable has a boyfriend! Romana has created a sex den with SL’s largest sex bed (link to follow). And you can make your lips move when you talk, if you know how. I mean, that’s some serious change.

But I think I’m ready.

Alex returns as DJ keTchUp this Thursday, you know where, at Clockwork. I think he said 6pm SL time, and yeah, I’ll be back with more and a reminder before then.

I’d throw you the SLURLs, but I forget how. Give me a few days, k?


Remember me

long time no see

It’s a funny thing when you find that some of your miserable ways in the flesh find their way into your more perfect, less dimensional you. Yet that’s exactly what’s happened.

I wandered back into Topgol tonight, but just for a few minutes. I didn’t have much time but I felt pulled to be there again. It’d been weeks. I’d become the stranger, once and for all.

It felt good hitting the pavement, seeing the town from the street again. It was empty as usual. I wondered about my old friends. Sable, Romana, Esteban. Do they still meet on the corner and gab with the passersby like we once did?

It’s a funny thing to pull back from your life, no matter from which life you find yourself in retreat. It’s not like it’s the thing you planned to have happen. It’s not like you don’t question why it’s happened. But it’s not like you find yourself able to just jump back in where you left off. There’s a certain amount of starting over. And that’s a little intimidating, to be honest.

You’ve got to know it’s not that I found something better to do with my time. It’s not that I lost interest or moved on. It’s something else.

You’ve got to know that I still believe in the great digital expansion of consciousness and connectedness of our time. I still believe in the platform, though I wish it’d hurry up and get better enough not to cause me so much lag. I don’t miss the lag.

I still believe in the love and the friendships I found and I believe you can and will find friends and love and good times there that can be as real or as distant as you ever need them to be. That’s remarkable, if you think about it.

And I still believe I’ll be back.