M is for Myg

Live your god damned dream

New dawn

Sunrise over Topgol

They were shocked I’d come back so quickly, my old fiends, and to be honest, so was I. But there I was, trying to get around Topgol to see what was still what. I managed to check out a few of my old favorite landmarks, and sure enough they still worked. That was a relief. Though I’d forgotten the command to tp home, and indeed had forgotten where home was.

The city has changed, and it hasn’t. The towering spots still jet from the Clockwork roof, backed by an eclectic digital city. The water tower still stands idly in the center of our land, waiting for someone to hatch some kind of wayward scheme within. And old friends still lurk in electric ghettos, welcoming new souls into our world. And welcoming old souls back.